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Our mission is to empower communities by increasing their capacity to create healthy, safe environments through policy design, leadership, and collaboration.

Our Work Groups

Partners for Innovative Communities (PIC) utilizes work groups to accomplish common community driven goals. Here we can transform policy and create safe and healthy environments together.

Substance Abuse

Educate community members with the risks associated with current and new emerging drug trends and collaborate with others to develop policies to prevent substance abuse.


Collaborate on innovative solutions with the Anti-Bullying Work Group and develop different approaches to fight bullying!

Youth Court

Youth Court is a peer to peer restorative justice diversion program for youths experiencing delinquency, problem behaviors, and other minor offenses. Join us to develop more youth courts in the Inland Empire!

ABC Task Force

Work with law enforcement and others to educate and promote proper trainings for alcohol establishments.


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With collaboration from local community members, elected officials, and law enforcement, PIC has managed to pass several ordinances and policies that make our communities safe and healthy. PIC has also collaborated with Reach Out and other partners to bring the annual National Innovative Communities Conference.

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PIC initiates and supports prevention campaigns within San Bernardino County. Previous awareness campaigns promoted the dangers of substance abuse and alcohol related risks.

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